Interactive game "Wine Casino"

Educational master class in a game format

Tilda Publishing
What is a wine casino?
Wine Casino is a unique project, which is a combination of entertainment and tasting.

During the game, you:
• Consume blindly good wines
• Exchange opinions and have fun
• Place your bets on what kind of wine it is and where it comes from

Special knowledge is not required from the players: the croupier is a professional sommelier, and the wine casino is a kind of master class in the board game form.
Game led by professional sommelier

Independent sommelier, organizer of the gaming wine tastings all around the world, WSET graduate, world vice-champion in restaurant sports 2018.

Pavel Mancevich
Bottle of wine to winner!

The wine is made using the same traditional technology as champagne! During the game, the sommelier will tell you more about wine.

Wine Casino winner will receive the bottle of premium sparkling wine — Clos Nostre Senyor Gran Reserva by Mestres

The regular market price for this wine is 44.62€!

Bet your way through wine casino and become:

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